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A brilliant introduction to mindfulness, it’s ethos and benefits. The simplicity of the exercises have made them easy to incorporate into my daily life”.
— Amy, London

Minds over matter is the first experience that has helped me unwind properly and therefore gain better clarity and focus at work.
— Anthony, London

Such an inspiring course! Beautiful balance between an introduction into spiritual practices and some of the science behind mindfulness. Clare is so delightful! Highly recommend the course.
— Maya, London

I didn’t expect to make this amount of progress in just 5 weeks. (The course) has been a great starting point and I have learnt enough to keep me going for a while.
— Stephen, East London

I transformed from a convinced skeptic to an aspiring enthusiast.
— Martin, Hackney, London

Our team is much more relaxed and communication has improved as a result. Thank you!
— Rebecca, Farrington, London