Minds over Matter stands for corporate wellness. Our mission is to empower individuals through yoga and mindfulness, helping to recenter the mind in order to conquer the matter at work.


We understand that personal and working lives are increasingly entwined and in order to perform your best at work (or play), it is essential to take time to breath and find calm during your busy day. A healthy, stress-free working environment is the key to enjoying your job and being more productive and creative at what you do. 


Mental health issues (including stress & anxiety) are today one of the biggest causes of sick leave within workforces and we would like to change this. Alongside the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for the individual, employers now appreciate that better employee health and wellbeing helps to reduce incidence of absenteeism at work as a result of stress, illness or injury. The most progressive and conscious employers look after their workforces through focus on wellbeing within the job rather than seeing the workplace as an independent sphere.