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At Minds over Matter we believe creating an environment which supports physical and mental wellbeing is paramount in order to thrive. We use yoga and mindfulness in the workplace as a way to improve health, enhance relationships and boost performance. The idea was born from our first hand experience in the corporate world and a realisation of what was needed to elevate work life balance. Our sessions are built around helping you develop and grow as an individual in order to fully unlock your potential at work.



Yoga improves concentration and focus and helps with creativity. “Stressful deadlines, endless meetings and the general cacophony of a workplace can create mental clutter that prevent you from concentrating on tasks and making good decisions. Yoga’s meditation and breathing exercises help to silence the noise and clear the clutter, letting you be more mindful, alert and focused. As yoga helps you better concentrate and focus, it also opens the mind so the creative juices and energy can flow. You can’t think outside of the box when your brain is confined within the box.”

- Business.com


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Single & 5-Class packages

single & 5-class packages

mbsr - mindfulness based stress reduction

8-week course



"Mindfulness programs teach emotional intelligence, which helps people better understand their colleagues’ motivations. They also boost resilience to stress and improve mental focus. Participants of the “Search Inside Yourself” program (hosted at Google) report being calmer, more patient, and better able to listen. They also say the program helped them better handle stress and defuse emotions."

- Harvard Business Review


the Founders

With multiple years of yoga and mindfulness experience, and backgrounds in the corporate sector, founders Clare & Malwina share a passion and great understanding of what is needed to integrate these practices in the workplace environment.


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